Heem Patel

Heem Patel is from Gujarat, India. His undergraduate Major is in Computer Science and Engineering. He wanted to work on video games and that led him to ETC. He wants to work on implementing Gameplay and AI. He is thrilled by the idea of working on anything which is new, so for e.g. it might be an unconventional input system for games, or a different way of interaction for location based systems. He's always excited to work with new technologies and loves the challenges which come with them.

Role: Programmer

Internship: 1st Playable Productions

Past Projects

  • KiTES [Kids Taught & Entertained using SMALLab]

Educational History

Computer Science and Engineering National Institute of Technology Calicut

Work History

Kites - Programmer/Associate Producer - Spring 2013
Cooperative Education - Programmer - Fall 2013