Hanika Karkhanis

Yo Joe! He'll fight for freedom where ever there is trouble GI Joes is there. Speaking of cartoons and quoting them may seem a little frivolous but Hanika's interest in Digital Art is certainly a serious one. What started out as a pleasurable past time and more of a hobby has now become a consuming passion and she now recognizes that the strong desire she has to pursue this subject is the one way to thoroughly enjoy making a living. Ever since childhood, cartoons have ruled Hanika's life. Coming from a family which was both technically skillful and artistic at the same time, she was always encouraged to develop her passion for drawing and painting since young age. In school, she always got straight A's in drawing class and was equally a good student in other academics as well. In order to nurture this passion for the art, she appeared for state level drawing exams and passed with flying colors. Hanika was introduced to computers at the young age of eight and ever since then was crazy about playing all kinds of computer games. Her two favorite pass times were drawing and playing computer games. But at that age, she was too young to realize that both these passions could actually be combined together , that she could draw and design for the computer games she loved so much. Choosing her under graduation major in Computer engineering was mainly influenced by this desire to learn more about computers and then branch into designing. The four years of undergrad exposed Hanika to a lot of creative activities, where she actively participated and excelled. Taking part in all kinds of events and organizing them came naturally to her and she enjoyed working in groups.Completing her under graduation with flying colors, she decided to go into teaching because she enjoyed mentoring students. At the same time, she realize that her major in computer engineering was not enough for her to continue on her goal towards getting back to designing. So while teaching, she took up a diploma in multimedia specialist and completed it. During this time, she realized, she could get back to her beloved cartoons and computer games and so she decided to apply to this unique masters in entertainment technology program which was a perfect blend of computer science and art , best suited for her background. Hanika is now looking to explore the world of game designing and art along with applying her under graduate programming skills.

Educational History

B.E. Computer Engineering Vidyalankar Institute of Technology