Heather Martin

I remember the exact moment my passion for technology was ignited. I was eight years old, it was Christmas morning, and there was a Nintendo 64 wrapped under the tree. The time between then and now has been spent both playing with and learning how to develop for new technologies (and also playing lots of Mario Kart). I’ve developed applications for both the iOS and PC using a variety of tech, ranging from the MaKey MaKey to the Eyegaze. I enjoy learning new things and am interested in all aspects of software development.

Current Project: Serenity

Role: Programmer

Past Projects

  • Serenity

  • Kotodama Fruit Juice (Stories that Listen)

  • CardioActive

Educational History

Computer Science University of Mary Washington

Work History

CardioActive Programmer Spring 2013   Kotodama Fruit Juice (Stories that Listen) Programmer Fall 2013