Huijie Bao

Huijie is a technical game designer with 1+ year of industry experience. He is now working as a technical designer intern on the new RTS game Stormgate at Frost Giant Studios.

Huijie started his industry journey as a game engine programmer intern at Tencent in July 2020. Still, his desire for design led him to start working at Perfect World as a technical level designer in Sep 2020. He was mainly responsible for the encounter design tools, along with some level design and AI design. He then joined CMU ETC in Aug 2021 to learn more about game design.

Huijie is a Strategy & Tactical games fan who likes StarCraft 2, XCOM 2, Divinity Original Sin 2, and Orcs Must Die 2, etc. He also enjoys ARPG such as Diablo 3, Path of Exile, Grim Dawn; and Shooting Game such as Risk of Rain 2, Destiny 2. He is now looking for a full-time game design role after his graduation in May 2023.

Current Project: Rabbit Hole Productions

Role: Game Designer

Internship: Frost Giant Studios - Technical Designer Intern

Game Design

Past Projects

  • Big MR

Work History

2022.08 -2022.12 Frost Giant Studios - Technical Designer Intern. | 2020.09 - 2021.03 Perfect World Entertainment - Junior Technical Level Designer. | 2020.07 - 2020.08 Tencent Games - Game Engine Programmer Intern.