Huntington Howe

Hunter, a proud native of Providence, Rhode Island, came to Pittsburgh in 1998 to embark on his college career at Carnegie Mellon. Over the following 4 years, he seized degrees in Creative Writing and Human-Computer Interaction, while also pursuing his passion for theater and acting (both scripted and improvisational) with reckless abandon. Hunter was a member of Scotch n' Soda Theater and The No Parking Players, and highlights playing Rosencrantz in Tom Stoppard's Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead as "the most awesome thing ever." Hunter loves games and stories of all kinds, and definitely wants them to play an integral role in his future. He also hopes to learn how to double-jump and fire energy blasts from his hands.

Educational History

BA's in Creative Writing and Human-Computer Interaction Carnegie Mellon University, 2002