Ignatius Darren Gozali

"People don't read anymore", Steve Jobs commented on the prospect of Kindle. Although it sounds illogical to many, it is a common process in Darren's life as he enjoys studying non-verbose documents with graphical references.

Darren grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia. Early exposure (in elementary school) to arts and computer made him rely more on visual learning. They guided him to truly appreciate the so-called computer graphics and significantly shaped major parts of him to be a devotee of this field. The astounding progression in computer graphics technology in the last two decades assured him of the existence of a tool powerful enough to help achieve his dream: to transform arts to business, the graphics and entertainment industry.

In the past years, He has been taking notes on any special effects amid watching movies, and exhaustively exploring the OpenGL library. Further, He keenly follows the annual SIGGRAPH events to keep himself updated. His passion of graphics and entertainment boiled down to a single cohesive vision: getting a proper education in this field. Seven years ago, He decided to pursue his undergraduate study in Computer Science with the concentration in computer graphics, so he went to University of Michigan for his undergrad. However, he has not been adequately exposed to CG as much as he aims for; He was not prepared enough to dive into his business plan. Hence further education in this field is essential. For this very reason he is currently studying Entertainment Technology at Carnegie Mellon University.

As the initial step towards building his future animation studio, he started a trial iPhone 3D application company in Indonesia, hoping to learn from mistakes. He even participated in the Cocoa camp at Apple headquarter in summer 2009.

Educational History

Computer Science Engineering University of Michigan