Jae Hyuk Choi

I had lived a monotonous life without any special problem in my school years, which was very lucky but not passionate life. Then one day, I watched Laputa: Castle in the sky, a Japanese animation produced by a great animator Miyajaki Hayao, and I had a momentous change in my life. Not until that moment did I have any idea about what animation was or interests in it. I became fascinated by the new world of animation, games and motion pictures, and decided to be an animator in the future. Even though I had to choose engineering as my major in order to meet my parents expectation, I made up my mind to learn the basic skills of making cartoons and animation, and request for a leave of absence from college for a year. As my first step in the animation industry, I got private lessons of drawing from Jae-hak Lee, a well-known Korean cartoonist, whom I had admired for a long time. With fundamental training and after being acknowledged as a talented apprentice, I was able to work for Lee Jae-hak Production, a comic book publishing company. Although I had to go back to school and continue taking engineering courses, I also studied multimedia and 3D programs, which are focused on the work that I hoped to do. Right after graduating from university, I joined Designstorm,