John Baxa

John comes to the ETC with a diverse background in research, design, and theatre. He's published a study on sound's effect on player performance in Twilight Princess; managed brand research projects for Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, and Hasbro; and investigated Transmedia from the kid perspective. On the design side, he's overseen the development of websites and visual identities. And when not doing that-- he spends his free time writing.

Though his background is varied, his interests weave together around a single theme: What makes people tick?... and, now at the ETC, what makes them play?

John's goal at the ETC is to make games that are honest, meaningful, and interesting. He aims to craft experiences that speak to people; reflecting back an image of this world that might inspire, entertain, or challenge them. Following the ETC, John hopes to work in the video game industry as a producer and/or writer.

Current Project: Locanimals

Role: Producer/Designer/Artist

Educational History

Psychology, Media Studies Kalamazoo College

Work History

dotdotdot Designer/2D Artist Spring 2013   Locanimals Producer/Designer/Artist Fall 2013