Jeremy Beitler

A visual artist who graduated from Allegheny College In Meadville, PA in 1996 with a Double Major in Studio Art and Communications. He suffers from the "Peter Pan Syndrome" and is frightened by the texture of many foods, monkeys in clothes, and big-headed children. Jeremy is endlessly inspired by the films and art of David Lynch, the music of Mercury Rev, the sight of pretty girls, and the brute strength of Hulk Hogan. Besides doing strange things in the name of art and eating delicious Jell-O, Jeremy spent his time after undergrad trying to be as diverse as humanly possible. He has worked as a movie theater usher, as a camera sales person, performed in numerous imaginary arias, killed stinging insects for an extermination company, cleaned ceilings of restaurants, as a photographer for an ultra-cheesy "glamour" studio, as a P.A. for movies filmed in Pittsburgh, dreaming of being a world-class break dancer, and lastly as a master control technician (a fancy way of saying "the guy who puts all of the programs and commercials live over the air") for 3 television stations. He hopes that his involvement in ETC leads to a future that is a bit more focused and financially viable.

Educational History

BA, Studio Art and Communications, Allegheny College