Jerry T. John

I am a Programmer, Writer and Game Designer. I have a proclivity for games that are rich in narrative and have challenging puzzles. I enjoy designing games and writing stories for children.

Kids they are simple, and devoid of pretense, which makes them a lot easier to understand. You'll immediately know when you've done something right or wrong with a child, because it's always immediately apparent on their face!

I find that kind of brutal honesty extremely refreshing, and all the more rewarding when I manage to do things right. I tailor all of my experiences for that child that still lingers in all of us. And if through my work, I somehow manage to make that child still in you smile, I must be doing something right.

I am currently Lead Designer on Black Ice Studios. We are developing a snowball fighting game for EA's Connected TV Platform. Over the course of this semester, I want to build something that transcends the hurdle of intimidating new technology and brings all members of the family together to share an enjoyable experience on this new platform, regardless of their age.

Current Project: Black Ice

Role: Lead Game Designer


Past Projects

  • Inksmith

  • Gaia