John Rheinfrank

Jake was fortunate to have been brought up by a strong artistic family, and was introduced to technology by way of the very first Macintosh. By beginning with drawing, and then moving to painting and sculpture, he was given a foundation of traditional art fundamentals before moving into the digital realm. Because of his high school's weak art program, he decided to challenge his math and science abilities through the school and keep his art as an auxiliary hobby.

When it came time to look at college, Jake choose a program that believed that story was a progression of images called The "Moving Image" Arts Program. There, he was able to combine his love of all kinds of traditional art, with his love of all things digital and his love of story, to create.

Jake was introduced to The Entertainment Technology Center when he visited early in its history. He quickly fell in love with the program, and vowed to join the ranks as early as possible.

At the ETC, Jake hopes to strengthen the bond between Art and Technology; to create completely immersive environments which simultaneously educate and entertain the end user.

Educational History

Moving Image Arts (Film) College of Santa Fe