James Portnow

I'd rather be looking forward then looking back but suffice it to say that I spent four years in the desert, reading the "great books" and picking up a degree in liberal arts. After my sojourn in southwest I returned to Seattle to try and make it in the rock and roll world. I put two years of long days and sleepless nights into the business of being a rock and roller. Most of you probably know how close I came (and probably recognize my bandmates from Leno or Letterman), but in the end here I am, and I'm pretty sure it's where I should be. The only thing that's ever captivated me more than music is games. The first time I ever realized I loved music was when I was five; I attended a Nintendo game expo in Seattle and played the first final fantasy before it's US release...I remember beating Garland and crossing the first bridge where the classic final fantasy music plays behind the scrolling text and thinking that it was one of the most fantastic things I had experienced in my young life. To this day it is probably my earliest utterly vivid memory. It showed me just how much we can do when we combine the old arts (image/sound), the new arts (film/television) and the art of the future (interactivity).

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