Julian Ochoa

Julian Ochoa is from Denver, Colorado. He spent his adolescent summers renting videogames, playing them all night, then swapping them out for the next alphabetically available game. Julian not only enjoys videogames, but also horror films and stand-up comedy.

In high school, Julian took an architectural drafting course that set him on the path of becoming a designer. While attending architecture school at the University of Colorado-Denver, Julian realized his passion for designing and problem-solving. More and more over the years, Julian used narrative-driven videogames that told stories through their environments as inspiration for his architecture designs. In his final semester, Julian took a Game Design course that glued his two passions of videogames and design together. Now pursuing a career in game design, Julian enjoys collaborating with his peers in the playground that is the Entertainment Technology Center.

Julian’s current objective is to obtain an internship in Game Design for summer 2019 in a highly collaborative working environment.

Current Project: EXODUS

Role: Game Designer

Game Design

Past Projects

  • Condors

Educational History

B.S. Architecture, University of Colorado-Denver