Kathryn-Mae Eiland

Kathryn moved to Pittsburgh, PA to further her career in game design while earning her Master of Entertainment Technology. She has spent her first semester, the immersion semester, expanding her art skills to include the 3D pipeline, becoming a better teammate, and learning from rapid iterations.

Before arriving at the Entertainment Technology Center she spent 4 and a half years working at an EdTech studio helping to make Educational games, animations, and interactives. She has facilitated 2-D Animation workshops and participated in game demos and talks at Dust or Magic and ACE conferences. Her love of design led to her to pursue game design more intentionally. Now she is learning methods of becoming a more effective game designer and producer.

Creating transformational experiences is an important element of her dream career. Supporting experiences that embolden members of historically under-served communities through user experience design, or some other means, is the next goal she is working towards.

Game Design

Past Projects

  • Museum.Live

  • Empowerup