Kai Chi Huh

I am a master student at the Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) at Carnegie Mellon University. I worked on several interactive playable prototypes of games in the first semester. After the first semester, I worked on projects for the U.S. Track and Filed Foundation (OnTrack) and for the Smallab (SmAll).

When I was an undergrad student, I focused in graphic design and culture element research. By looking at my portfolio, you will see that I like to add ancient culture based elements into my work like the Rain Dancer. During days in college, I was trained to build out crafts. At the ETC, I can use those skills to build props and all kinds of physic elements.

You can say I am a person with various skill sets. I can build out 2D and 3D worlds in the same project as well as build both physical and digital art. Nothing can stop me from studying new skills. I always like to challenge myself and put my hand on everything. To summarize, I am an artist who focuses on UI and graphic design. In the meanwhile, I have various skill sets which can help out project teams.

Current Project: Axon

Role: UI/UX Artist


Past Projects

  • smALL

Educational History

Carnegie Mellon University Master of Entertainment Technology Entertainment Technology Center. (2015-2017)-Pittsburgh National University of Kaohsiung Bachelor of Art Traditional Crafts and Creative Design (2008-2012), Taiwan