Kacey Eichen

Kacey is a graduate of Austin College with a BA in Computer Science and Eastern Asian Languages in Cultures focusing in Japanese. She is fluent in Japanese and aspires to work in the Themed Entertainment industry as a programmer, producer, or designer. She currently has experience as a programmer, producer, and 2D artist during her immersion semester. In the past, she has been the producer for project StarGazer which is partnered with Give Kids The World in Kissimmee, Florida and she has designed a virtual experience for The Crow Collection of Asian Art in Dallas, Texas and has done graduate level research using Unity at North Carolina State University. Currently she is Producing and designing on the Flower Power project. Her passion is creating spaces that guests can interact with so that they can be immersed in a story. She is currently seeking an internship for spring 2018.

Current Project: Flower Power

Role: Programmer, Producer, 2D Artist

2D Art

Past Projects

  • Flower Power

  • StarGazer