Li Chen

Li grew up in Hangzhou, China, where he got his bachelor degree of software engineering (digital media) in Zhejiang University of Technology. He had always had a keen interest in computer and a sense of accomplishment about what he had achieved. Therefore, he knew very well when he graduated from high school what his passion was: computer. In the university, he earned high praises from teachers and students regarding my performance both in team and in individual work. With excellent performances over the years, At the university, his interests leaned toward courses in graphic imaging and game design. Driven by his passion in graphic and game design, he joined the Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center. Now as a first year graduate student, Li works very hard everyday to become a more professional gamePhysics or Rendering programmer. He is a person who loves challenge and problem solving. During the first semester, as a programmer on his Building Virtual Worlds teams, Li always trys his best to make the game more interesting and stable. He chose five different platforms in the 5 rounds. In the second semester, he continues staying at Pittsburgh and chooses Computer Graphics as his elective class. Now he is on the project called the Minspeak. In the future time, he is looking forward to learning more new skills not only about game programming, but also teamwork.

Educational History

Software Engineering Zhejiang University of Technology