Lauren Lanster

Growing up, Lauren always dreamed of becoming an astronaut. When not gazing at the few stars that Miami, Florida has to offer, she was busy doodling and writing stories about astronauts. She has always been interested in pushing the boundaries of the norm, mixing art and science in any way she can. As an undergrad at Tufts University, Art History was an area of study she found herself passionate about. However, she grew frustrated that she only used one side of her brain and decided to pick up a minor in computer science to balance her desire to mix art and science. That led to another minor in Multimedia Arts, which merged these two distinct fields in a rather unique way. The desire to see art and science married at their full potential led Lauren to the ETC where she hopes to further both her technical and artistic skills. Having an in- depth knowledge of how both disciplines work, she hopes to learn more about producing. Her passions are traveling, reading, doing magic tricks, collecting art and singing Broadway musicals in the car.

Educational History

Art History Tufts University