Liam Philiben

Liam Philiben is an experience designer and storyteller from sunny Orlando, Florida. He attended the University of Chicago, where he graduated with a degree in Cinema and Media Studies (BA'18). Ever since he took a course on Alternate Reality Game theory and design back in undergrad, he has been passionate about immersive experiences and storytelling, excited by the potential these experiences had to offer. In his work, he tries to bring "traditional" modes of storytelling from mediums that he loves together with the visceral sense of qualia made possible by new mediums and technology like VR. In other words, he is constantly searching for that happy medium between the transcendent heights that the best literature and cinema have to offer and the capabilities of the latest technology in order to tell human stories in new, personal ways.

Current Project: Ditto

Role: Experience Designer and Producer

Game Design

Past Projects

  • Face 2 Face

  • Cutting Edge