Madhura Deshpande

Always fascinated by amazing works that a computer can do in theme parks, movies, virtual reality worlds, and tired of coding databases and networking applications, I wanted to do "something" in the field of Entertainment, the field of my own dreams. And this "something" got a meaning when I discovered ETC just after I started my graduate studies. During my undergrad, I always leaned towards graphics and related electives and used to work with VRML and OpenGL. Now I am eager to get an eye at many beautiful, invisible aspects of the Entertainment Technology. I love to paint, and have grabbed a bunch of prizes for portraits and modern art. My other hobbies include (but not limited to) cooking different cuisines, collecting Indian classical music albums, dancing, weeping while watching movies, playing guitar (though an immature), reading autobiographies, practicing yoga etc...etc.... Awaiting to learn more different things from peers, I look forward for ETC to give me the recipe of combining my technical and creative skills to get a deserving break. I believe in the maxim, "Creative genius is the hallmark of those who dare to dream different", and expect to become one.

Educational History

BS Computer Science and Engineering Walchand Institute of Technology MH, India