Marlos (Ming Yung) Hu

Marlos, Ming-Yung Hu was born and raised in Taiwan. His journey into the world of video gaming began at the age of seven when his parents bought him a video game which inspired his interest. The game that stimulated young Marlos desire in becoming a game designer was a simple RPG game with a perfect ending; a young man who broke through the odds and tribulations of life and ended up living a happily-ever-after life with the princess he saves. Such inspiration encourages Marlos to follow his own desire, creativity and expertise to make the world of gaming that much more exciting. Studying advertising planning, public relations, multimedia production, and marketing in college gave him diverse perspectives/ideas on storytelling which allowed him to break -through the traditional approach toward game designing. During the summer of 2004, his marketing experience brought him to a different stage of life. He and several friends took the first place in the Taiwan Creating & Managing Digital Content Competition. Through these contests, he demonstrated his talent in designing, game-scripting and convinced him to keep following his dream.

After graduation, he immediately got an offer from the T-time technology game company. Two year later, he decided to advance his career by pursuing advanced degree in video-gaming. Around that time, he found ETC and realized that it is the place he could master his craft and achieve his dream.

He is chasing his dream to become an memorable game designer, armed with many different skills in art-drafting (3DMax, MAYA and PHOTOSHOP), and storytelling. Marlos Hu, a name as memorable as all the games that are to come.

Educational History

Agricultural Extension National Taiwan University