Matt Cervantes

Matt Cervantes came into this world for one reason, and one reason only; to make video games! Having spent the vast majority of his youth in the small town of Yuba City, CA, Matt had plenty of time to plan his assault upon the gaming world. The first maneuver in his carefully calculated attack: play lots of video games. And play he did. Under the clout of obscurity that his small home town provided, Matt went on a twenty-one year gaming binge. He played everything he could get his finely tuned, controller-gripping hands on. Then in the summer of 2003, Matt began the second phase of his master plan: go to college. He absconded from Yuba City and made the periling one hour drive to Chico, CA, where he enrolled in the computer science program at Chico State University. It was here where Matt would perfect his understandings of the deadly arts: computer programming. Continuing his enigmatic tradition, Matt graduated from Chico State with a degree in computer science and a minor in math while remaining completely undetected by his soon-to-be gaming industry prey. Soon after graduation, Matt applied to the Entertainment Technology Center. Matt's ambition led him to Adelaide, Australia where he attended his first semester with ETC. His second semester was spent as the sole ETC student representative back in sunny California working on two ETC projects via Skype and VPN connections. During his third semester, Matt made his move and landed a co-op with Activision as a game designer. Despite the awesomeness of Activision, Matt has decided to forgo another co-op with Activision and instead embrace his entrepreneurial spirit by joining a small startup, Divide By Zero Games, in Seattle, Washington. Matt is currently working on an unannounced MMOG as a Senior Engineer. Matt is now channeling all of his energy into doing great work for his studio and not referring to himself in the third person.

Educational History

Computer Science Math Minor California State University Chico