Matthew DiMatteo

When Matt first played The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, he became enthralled with the idea of creating his own imaginary worlds and set to work with pencil and paper laying out designs for some of his own. He knew then he wanted to build video games and someday express his own visions of expansive interactive worlds and stories.

Matt's journey took him to The College of New Jersey, where he earned a Bachelor's degree in Interactive Multimedia and gained valuable experience working on teams to design and develop games. He also benefited from a broad liberal arts education and seeks to apply his understanding of fields like psychology and philosophy to his work in games in order to create more enriching experiences.

Matt enjoys conceiving and developing the overall structures of games and has a passion for storytelling (in his spare time he is an avid fantasy writer). He also composes the music for games and brings some programming and project management experience. His primary goal is to use his skills and background to create engaging interactive experiences that people will enjoy.

Educational History

Interactive Multimedia The College of New Jersey