MZ Zhang (Meng)

I'm a 3D/2D artist with engineering background who tried to combine the technical and the artistic. I designed robots, cars and made them run. I drew characters and animated them with special effects. I got the silver medal of kung fu and apply the action design to films and animations. I worded as lead artist, I also did some programing. I use different ways to tell a story. I'm like a crazy child who is so curious to see the world. I ha ve so many questions to ask the god.

Role: UI Designer

3D Modeling
2D Art
3D/2D Art

Past Projects

  • OmniCloud (EFSD)

Educational History

Tsinghua University Digital Entertainment Design

Work History

Anihccam 3D Modeler/Animator Spring 2012   OmniCloud 3D/Technical Artist Fall 2013