Michael Hill

Michael's experiences, education, and work history can best be described as eclectic in nature. His love for computer technology, art, cultures, and science was apparent at an early age. From the time he could manage holding a pencil or a piece of clay, he was encouraged by his parents to draw and create. By the age of two, he was "playing" simple games on a Leading Edge model D computer and at the age of 5, he asked his parents for a subscription to National Geographic Magazine as a Christmas gift Inspired by the magazine 3-2-1 Contact, Michael began exploring computer languages such as Visual Basic and Q Basic at the age of eight.

In high school, Michael took classes in technology and began formal training in learning to assemble and program computers. An opportunity to attend a computer animation camp at North Carolina State University opened new doors for Michael by giving him a contact and mentor who would lead and guide him through a high school senior project which focused on 3D animation using Maya.

After high school, Michael chose to attend the University of North Carolina in Asheville, which offered a degree in Multimedia Arts and Sciences (MMAS). Feeling the need for more formalized art instruction, Michael decided to leave UNC Asheville for a year to attend the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. There, he was put through a boot camp

Educational History

B.A. Multimedia Arts and Sciences University of North Carolina at Asheville