Michael Agustin

An American-born Filipino, Michael Agustin grew up in the grand old state of Texas, where he developed a passion for not only playing games, but creating them. Driven by a childlike curiosity and the need to innovate, he aspires to breathe life into interactive entertainment and enrich the human experience.

Michael received his BA in Computer Science with a Minor in Business from The University of Texas at Austin. While there, he founded the Electronic Game Developers Society, a student organization for professional game development. He also became an avid photographer and graphic designer, and he soon began to appreciate the form and function of a good Mac.

Upon completing his undergraduate degree, he worked for the console developer Edge of Reality, writing games for the PlayStation 2, GameCube, and XBox. He then received a prestigious internship at Apple Computer, within their Platform Experience Group, where he worked on Mac OS X Leopard.

During his time with the Entertainment Technology Center, Michael helped to pioneer the ETC in Adelaide, Australia as a TA for its inaugural class. There, he co-led a team to explore the innovative technique known as Game Sketching, a design process and toolset for game pre- production.

He was then hired as an intern at the swashbuckling online game company known as Three Rings Design, the makers of Puzzle Pirates, Bang! Howdy, and Whirled. After graduating from Carnegie Mellon with a Masters of Entertainment Technology, Michael went to found Gendai Games LLC, which is determined to be a "new kind of game company".

Educational History

Computer Science / Business Administration University of Texas at Austin