Michael Cole

Born in Georgia and raised in Maryland, Michael Cole first discovered video games at the age of six when he played Frogger. A year later his parents bought him a Nintendo Entertainment System and a lifelong passion began.

His love of video games eventually led him to pursue programming. At the age of thirteen he taught himself Java and a few years later C/C++. At first he entered Columbia University unsure of his calling, but quickly rediscovered his love of gaming and obtained a degree in Computer Science. While attending Columbia University, Michael took many courses in robotics, artificial intelligence, computer vision and computer graphics in an attempt to understand all possible facets of game design and production.

After graduating Michael decided to seriously pursue a career in the game industry and applied to the ETC. He is looking forward to working with other creative and driven students to create the next generation of video games.

Educational History

B.A. in Computer Science Columbia University