Masato Ikura

Masato Ikura was born in Berkeley, California and raised in the peaceful suburbs of New Jersey. He had an interest in drawing his reptilian character, but he also liked to tinker with computers. He went to college at Cornell University and got his B.S. in Computer Science.

During his undergraduate years, he discovered the discipline of Computer Graphics, and pursued the field as much as he could, since he had an artistic side that he wanted to explore. From then on, he wanted to be able to use his Computer Graphics skills in a creative environment, where artists and computer scientists could work towards the same goal.

He is bilingual in English and Japanese, so he loves playing Japanese video games as well as English video games. He has used his ability to understand both cultures at Sony PCL as an intern and has discovered that there are still misunderstandings in the entertainment industry between the two cultures. He wishes to create video games and animations while keeping in mind the differences in cultures the audience might have.

Having a strong interest in Computer Graphics at Cornell University, and a love for games and animation, he joined the Entertainment Technology Center to learn about what makes a good and fun entertaining experience.

Educational History

Computer Science Cornell University