Ming Yao

Ming has strong interests in Computer Graphics and Games, especially physically-based simulation, user interface design and implementation.

In addition to pursing a Masters degree in Entertainment Technology at Carnegie Mellon University, Ming is also a research assistant in the Graphics Lab advised by Professor Adrien Treuille.

Ming has a well-developed understanding of physically based simulation algorithms and a strong ability to implement them in short sessions. She also has substantial theoretical and practical experience in software UI design and implementation.

Before came to ETC, Ming received her bachelor's degree of engineering on Digital Media Arts and Information Engineering in 2008. While the studies on the aesthetics give her a perspective of an artist, the researches she did as an multi- media engineer construct her a concrete base to explore more about how to realize and benefit the arts from a technical way.

Educational History

B.E. Digital Media Arts/Information Engineering Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications