Melanie Lam

Coming to the ETC is like homecoming for Melanie. She grew up in Pittsburgh while her father was a PhD student at the School of Architecture ten years ago. CMU has since become a family affair now that her youngest sister is a freshman at Mellon College of Science.
Melanie specialized in journalism at the undergraduate level but her first love has always been animation. Through the years, she branched into interactive multimedia and then discovered that she wanted to create content in any shape or form. Somewhat obsessed with the human figure, she loves to sketch portraits and do figure drawings. Mostly, she wants to capture human movement, emotion and interaction accurately.
A competitive sportswoman (prior to creaky joints), Melanie enjoys a good ball game of any kind. She also likes to swim, cook and mix cocktails. To de-stress before major exams, she can be found pulling all-niters with her virtual families on The Sims.