Marc Mundy

Marc was born in Kingston, Jamaica. He spent most of his days as a child drawing and playing games, developing a love for them both at an early age. Due to his interest in both art and computer science, he had a hard time deciding the path he wished to take for his career. During high school, he took courses that spanned into both fine arts and computer science. After high school, he decided to attend The University of Technology Jamaica (U-Tech) to acquire his Bachelor of Computer Science degree.

During his time at U-Tech, he focused on honing his programming skills. Marc realized that he had a real passion for game development, which combines both artistic and technical skills to make a product that can be appreciated by many, giving them the sensation of existing in a world completely separate from reality as it did for him. After completing his undergraduate degree, Marc went to work at Management Control Systems, a software development subsidiary company of Jamaica National. After two years, he decided that it was time to continue working towards his career goal of game development once again. It was at this point in time that Marc was introduced by his elder brother to the MET degree program at Carnegie Mellon University.

Marc is currently in Pittsburgh working towards achieving his MET degree at the Entertainment Technology Center, in order to bring his goal of entering into the game industry that much closer.

Educational History

Bachelor of Computer Science University of Technology Jamaica