Maria Tartaglia

I'm Maria. I'm an all around artist and creative knife-for-hire who is in love with the hard-core gamer lifestyle. I'm always on the prowl for new things to play, destroy my social life with, and rage on with my friends! Also, I happily do many creative things such as drawing, illustration, painting, animations, and I especially like to make 3d sculptures that I often refer to them as my puppets. My dream is to make one of these creative things my job, and get paid doing something I ABSOLUTELY LOVE! My hobbies, besides gaming and the creative stuff listed above, include the outdoors, moshing at metal shows (don't let my height fool you!), Water Polo, my adorable dwarf hamster Griswald, and eating weird looking and random food I see while I am currently living in Japan. I figure if I'm here might as well try everything while I can!

Educational History

BFA Carnegie Mellon University