Muhammad Fadzuli

My first exposure to games was playing the pen and paper Dungeons and Dragons. I have many fond memories of creating strange worlds and populating them with even stranger characters and sharing them with my close friends through storytelling.

At the ETC, I am learning a lot from my multi-cultural and multi-talented peers. I wish to grow more competent as a programmer and also learn how to create strong stories and experiences to share with a wider audience.

Since first arriving in Pittsburgh for my boot camp semester, I have been involved in a number of interesting projects. I explored the use of audio in Sonology where we were attempting to remove visuals from an experience to prove that audio can be the primary feedback. I spent the summer in Disney VR Studio where I worked on adding combat skills to Pirates of the Caribbean online. I worked with Burton Morris, a Pittsburgh Pop Artist, in a client project back at the ETC where we explored ways in which his art can be mixed with technology. That project culminated with us building 3 distinct art pieces and holding a mini gallery experience during the Building Virtual Worlds after event party to prove them.

Currently, I am in the Taomasters student pitch project where we want to create a Turn-based strategy role-playing game that uses the Chinese language rules of combining Radicals and Components to form other meaningful characters in our game. That together with a Chinese painting art style will give a player an introduction to Chinese culture.

Educational History

Diploma in Entertainment Techology School of Interactive Digital Media, Nanyang Polytechnic