Nemo Ni (Mu)

Borned in Xinjiang province, and grew up in Tianjin and Beijing, Mu is able to get familiar with different environment and be optimistic. Graduated from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University with Bsc in Internet and Multimedia Technology, Mu not only gained a lot of experience on communicating with people from different culture, but also learned practical skills in Internet and Game Development.

Now Mu is a student of ETC in CMU, to make further process on becoming a game programmer and designer. Mu likes games from his childhood. He played a lot of games since primary school. During his undergraduate studies, he started to concern about the game industry, and began to enjoy developing games.

Current Project: HachiBashi (Interactive Japanese Culture)

Role: Programmer

Educational History

Bsc in Internet and Multimedia Technologies The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Work History

Impact! Programmer Spring 2013   HachiBashi (InteractiveJapanese Culture) Programmer Fall 2013