Neil Druckmann

Neil Druckmann is originally from Israel. When Neil came to the United States at age 10 he discovered that all the hours he spent playing computer games actually taught him a lot of English. Along with his love of videogames, Neil enjoys writing and drawing. While in high-school Neil was a member of a competitive graphics design program that facilitated his passion for illustration. Later, when Neil was attending Florida State University, he discovered his interest in programming and became a Computer Science major. As a senior, Neil worked as a research assistant for FSU's visualization lab where he was responsible for programming simulations that ran on a cluster of machines in parallal and visualizing their results. During that time Neil found other students who shared his interest in developing a videogame; a video game development team was formed and spare time on the weekends vanished. The experience of designing, illustrating, and programming a videogame cemented Neils goal of pursuing a career in interactive entertainment.

Educational History

BS Computer Science, Minor in Math Florida State University