Noreen Durkin

I've always been a writer, a creator of worlds and characters, and above all a dreamer, especially of the impossible. As a self-taught 3d modeler, rigger, and animator, I enrolled into the ETC to take my passion further, designing virtual experiences and games. I can think of no better way to spend my time then working on a game with my team, thinking of a million different ways to solve a problem, then a million different reasons why one solution is the best for us to pursue. I take great joy in bringing joy to others, whether watching them laugh, cry, or shout(angrily or otherwise) while playing one of my games, reading a piece of my writing, or watching one of my animations. I simply love designing entertainment.

Role: Modeler/Animator

Educational History

B.A. Communication Studies University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Work History

Atomic Zone 3D Artist/Animator Fall 2012   Dark Clutches 3D Modeler/Animator Spring 2013   Chimera (Interconnected Game - EA) Modeler/Animator Fall 2013