Neelangshu Kar

My experience in graduate school has been quite eye opening. I have believed that life is made up of granular noise which gets filtered by our brains. But I have also come to realize that these spurts of noise can culminate into instances of magic. Such instances make everything a dichotomy of harmony and cacophony and only the human filtering can assimilate both into something productive. Of course this noise also gives me throbbing headaches so I do consider myself a confused man.

Now I make tools for animators at Infinity Ward. A lot of it is like solving puzzles so I guess the confusion is here to stay. Other than that I like scribbling doodles, listening to inexplicably heavy music and being an armchair philosopher.

My message is to work hard and rock hard. Spread brightly.

Educational History

BS Computer Science, Minor in Visual Art, 2004 University of Texas at Dallas