Niharika Jain

Niharika has completed her undergrad in Computer Science and has been working as a UI developer for the past 3 years.

She has a great interest in designing characters and telling stories. Because of her interests she decided to study further and is currently pursuing Master in Entertainment Technology at Carnegie Mellon University- Entertainment Technology Center. She wishes to make her 2D art come alive in 3D. Her interest as a 3D artist is more in Rigging and Animation as she feels that with animation she can make different characters come alive and use them to tell stories that can inspire millions of people. She strongly believes that art can be used to express oneself and wishes to combine art with technology to create immersive experiences.

Current Project: Sirena

Role: 3D Animator

3D Art
Technical Artist

Past Projects

  • Miracle Workshop 2.0

  • Miracle Workshop