Nathaniel Morgan

Nathaniel Morgan graduated from Bard College with a degree in Physics, with a specialization in astrophysics, most particularly stellar evolution. Despite this seeming specialization in 3d mathematics, his studies at the Entertainment Technology Center revolve around creating 3d models for the teams of the Building Virtual Worlds class. Even prior to his study at the Entertainment Technology Center he had a strong background in the fine arts, including an independent study in black and white media in high school.

As far as fascination with video games goes, Nathaniel has been playing computer games since there have been computer games to play. The first game he played at approximately age 8 was Wolfenstein 3D, followed by Doom and Warcraft over the next few years.

Nathaniel is working on developing his 3d modeling skills with an emphasis on higher polygon geometry, as well as working on his animation skills. He also has a strong desire to work as a game designer, as well as an artist. He found the Entertainment Technology Center while reading an article about the future of video gaming in the New York Times.

In his (terribly limited) free time Nathaniel likes to swim, ski, and surf. He also has a lasting passion for movies and books, and his taste in each has been described as "quite eclectic." Nathaniel has been know to enjoy long walks on the beach...

Educational History

Bachelor of the Arts in Physics Bard College