Nolan O'Keefe

As an undergraduate, Nolan studied Mechanical Engineering and Music Technology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. During his time at the ETC, he excelled as a creative technologist and sound designer. His favorite accomplishment at the ETC was his Fall 2022 project, Little Big Engineers, where he worked as a producer/technology engineer with four other location based entertainment (LBE) enthusiasts to build a physical interactive experience for the 2022 ETC Fall Festival.

During the summer between his first and second ETC year, he interned with Rockstar Games as a R&D Engineer. His project with Rockstar was to design and prototype a physical tool that could be used in conjunction with their performance capture shoots. He enjoyed getting to work with the team in the performance capture studio and living in New York City for the summer. Some of his favorite NYC activities include going to New York Mets games, seeing Broadway Shows, and traveling around Long Island to explore different local breweries.

His final semester with the ETC was spent doing a coop with Universal Creative and their Advance Technology Interactives (ATI) department. Again, he was working with the R&D team. It was at this internship where he realized how fond he was of working on early stage and prototyping projects. What he loved about it was how hands-on the projects were and the intense problem solving it would require.

Upon graduating from the ETC with the class of 2023, Nolan returned to Universal Creative and ATI to work for them under a 6-month contract. Regardless of whether he stays with Universal or moves on to another company, Nolan hopes to pursue creativity with whatever he does. He found that his life benefited from meeting other creative individuals and learning from them through collaboration.

Internship: Technical Intern, Universal Creative ATI/R&D (Spring 2023) | Facilities/R&D Engineer, Rockstar Games (Summer 2022)


Past Projects

  • Little Big Engineers

  • Hermes