Nolan Pearson

Nolan Pearson is a Pittsburgh-based game designer that specializes in immersive experience design including Mixed Reality. With his professional background in UX and love of writing and games, he hopes to create believable and enlightening immersive MR experiences.

Apart from working on projects, Nolan is an avid cyclist and hiker. As a hiker, he completed the 1000km pilgrimage of El Camino de Santiago in 36 days. When not enjoying the great outdoors, he enjoys reading and gaming (both video and table top), as well as practicing circus arts (read: fire eating).

Nolan's mission is to help guests better orient themselves to their environment so that they may fully enjoy their experience, drawing on his experience in UX design and an evolution of interfacing. While working in VR/AR, Nolan has realized the potential to design space and environment on a grander scale, priming the guest for their immersive experience.

Current Project: Immersion Semester

Role: Game Designer

UX/UI Design
Game Design