Oscar Ramirez

Since Oscar can remember, his imagination had been a wild creature running free, only constrained by the time that the world let him to be a dreamer. It was matter of time that he found video games as an expression of the universes created by other people, and then it was a natural instinct he started to create imaginary worlds around video games or based on any other fantasy feedback he had access.

During his studies in college as an automation engineer, he felt that he has more facets than a common engineer. But he could not find the answer he was looking for, until he found the ETC program on the internet, and then everything was clear, he was not alone in the world.

Now in the ETC, he not only found a place where to focus his passion for technology and his real nature as a creative dreamer to become a game designer, but also he discovered his new challenge: to understand better and deeper (and so love) the people.

Educational History

Automation Engineer Universidad de La Salle, Bogota, Colombia