Pei-Lin Lu

Born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan, Pei-Lin has been fascinated with video games since her childhood when she got a Nintendo 64 game console. From then on, she was deeply attracted and immersed in the the creative playing system. She was playing games on PC, GB, PSP, PS2, Wii, and Xbox in high school and university, which developing the knowledge of game technology. The interest of playing gradually changed into the desire of designing her own games. Being driven from the dream, she chose to become a gameplay programmer.

During her undergraduate studies in Computer science and Information Engineering , she has been making a persistent effort to become an outstanding programmer through intensive experience. She participated in the Intelligent Multimedia System Lab as a research assistant and kept on academic research for computer graphic, internet working, and mobile computing.

After graduated from college, she decided to pursue a master degree at Entertainment Technology Center in Pittsburgh. She was so excited being exposed to a diversity of cultures, the latest multimedia techniques and the broad course arrangement. She is ready to face new challenges in such a great environment, as well as eager to bring some innovative, interesting and creative thought to the program.

With highly enthusiasm, she looks forward to progressing advanced skills and ideas of both programming and game design.

Educational History

National Taipei University Computer Science and Information Engineering