Patrick Mittereder

Patrick Mittereder- Native Pittsburgh artist discovered his love for art and animation from the time he was a child watching Saturday morning cartoons and sketching on any material he could get into his hands. Throughout his life he has taken a variety of art classes, but he feels that he gains most of his inspiration from his travels around the world in which he enjoys experiencing other cultures and taking in all the visuals of his surroundings. Patrick also draws inspiration from his eclectic tastes for film, music and nature. He honed his craft while attending Penn State University for a Bachelor of Art degree in Print Making and Digital Media. During his time at Penn State, Patrick was the Vice President of the Digital Media Group. Where, he was responsible for organizing meetings, and handling expenses for group trips. Patrick was the personal assistant to Professor Jean Sanders, an exhibiting printmaking artist at Penn State University. Also, he spent the Spring 2003 semester studying fine art in Rome, Italy further adding to his abilities as an artist. Upon his 2004 graduation Patrick immediately started working as a studio assistant for world renowned Pop artist Burton Morris. He assisted in the restoration of Mr. Morris's paintings and was responsible for layout/design for future projects. During this time Patrick also was a freelance artist for Pittsburgh's MANIAC Magazine were he utilized his background in digital media, designed cartoon illustrations for the publication, and he participated in promotions for the magazine. Patrick enjoys all aspects of the creative process and looks forward to furthering his artistic abilities while attending Carnegie Mellon University. Where he is focusing on modeling, textures, and special effects.

Educational History

BA-Printmaking Penn State