Paola Michelle Soriano

My name is Paola Soriano and I am currently doing my masters at Carnegie Mellon University at the Entertainment Technology Center (ETC). I enjoy being a part of a creative team, solving problems and seeing projects through from idea generation to completion. I have been a producer, 3D artist, writer and pipeline manager on various entertainment projects.

I did my undergrad in mechanical engineering at the University of Western Ontario in Canada, where I specialized in control systems, robotics, and mechatronics. My theoretical knowledge has been reinforced by practical applications in my work at a nuclear power plant, a micro- injection molding lab and the Canadian theme park: Canada's Wonderland. My work there was especially rewarding when I heard the screams and laughter from guests coming off of rides that I helped to maintain, further solidifying my decision to study mechanical engineering.

I enjoy discovering how things work and the connection between engineering principles and real life applications. I am a strong believer that both science and art can be brought together to create new immersive experiences that tell a story.

I hope to work for an entertainment company where I am able to combine both my strong technical and creative skills.

Educational History

Mechanical Engineering The University of Western Ontario