Peter Stepniewicz

As a an impressionable child growing up in South Florida and later attending undergraduate studies at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Peter developed a passion for theme parks, experiential entertainment, and the things that make them tick. While obtaining a degree in Internet & Interactive Systems he also worked as System Administrator at the Digital Media Department at UCF. There he troubleshooted and managed all flavors of computing for about 500 people, but came to really enjoy working in realms outside the (computer) box. As a Creative Engineer at the Media Convergence Lab at UCF, Peter helped design Mixed Reality worlds in which users interact seamlessly with real and virtual objects. There, he obtained skills under many hats - electrician, carpenter, lighting and effects designer, storyteller, audio technician, interface builder, and master of the almighty Dremel

Educational History

BA Digital Media Internet & Interactive Media, University of Central Florida