Qianru Ma

Qianru is a girl who loved computers more than dolls. There is no strange that she has patient to sit in front a computer and do some coding stuff. She used to be a Software Engineering student in Shanxi University and did a lot of interesting projects in her part- time, such as a mine game and a Simple Lexical Analyzer. Also she is a good researcher liked to challenge herself by reading abstruse algorithms. But... That does not mean she do not understand art. She built a lot of models in Maya and knows how to use Motion Capture.

In her graduate study, she improved herself so fast in every aspect, and knows more and more about what is the thing she wants. Now she is persistent in pursuing her computer skills especially in large data processing and cloud computing and dreamed that one day she can use technology to change the world. I bet she can do a fantastic job in the future.

Educational History

Shanxi University Software Engineering