RayRay Shen

During freshman year in high school, R2 was exposed to Playstation for the first time. After spending 50 hours beating the first RPG game in her life, Final Fantasy 8, R2 decided that she had to design her own game someday. Keeping her goal in mind, R2 became the only girl from her high school that decided to major in Computer Science. Although she had zero programming experience, R2 took up the challenge of truth tables and recursions, believing that she was steadily advancing toward her dreams.

While Java concentration was slowing increasing in her bloodstream, R2 didn't abandon her hobby since childhood: Drawing. From paper to Photoshop canvas, pencil to tablet, drawing has always been a way of self-expression for R2. Thus, R2 also decided to minor in Digital Arts, where she received trainings in drawing, graphics design, flash, sound and video editing.

In the winter of 2006, R2 stumbled upon the ETC. The unique name of the center instantly caught R2's attention. She strongly believed that she had found the right program for her to unite the programming and artistic skills she had acquired--and moreover, to create games like she had always dreamed.

So here she is now, crossing the U.S continent for the first time, coming from California all the way to Pittsburgh, dedicated to become a game designer. R2 has a passion for both programming and arts, and thus is willing to work as a game designer and programmer.

Educational History

Major in Information & Computer Science, Minor in Digital Arts University of Califonia, Irvine