Rahul Azad

After receiving a degree in Psychology and Philosophy from Mumbai University in India, I decided to peruse my career in 3d animation. This was in 1998 when 3d animation had just started, at that point there were no schools in India which taught this technology so I decided to come to the U.S to learn about 3d.

I got my Associate degree in Computer Animation from the Art Institute and after graduating got my first job at UPMC as a 3d medical artist. After working at UPMC for about two years, I moved to SanDiego to work for a medical animation firm called ScienceMedia, which created 3d/flash e-learning modules to train sales forces in pharmaceutical industry. I worked at ScienceMedia for four years and then got a job at Legal Arts, a legal firm which created technical and evident graphics dealing with patent infringement and criminal cases for jury deliberation.

I learn't about ETC when I saw the Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. I did some research and then last year decided to pursue for a Masters in Entertainment Technology. I am interested in learning and developing new ways of combining education with game mechanics in order to enhance learning and understanding and ETC can help me attain that knowledge.

Educational History

B. Psychology/Philosophy, University of Mumbai A. Computer Animation, Art Institute of Pittsburgh