Rui Cláudio Gamito Zenha Rela (Rui Rela)

I am a young and passionate designer who believes in the complementarity of design and usefulness by the means of the technological advancements.
Since very young, my interests always revolved around the hidden practicality of toys, gadgets, and tools, along with the potential beauty behind them. Over the years, my passion was shaped into the appeal of 3D modeling, animations, and visual design, influenced by the industry of cinema (Pixar and Dreamworks) as well as the gaming industry (I lived alongside the slow morphing of 2D into 3D).
At the age of eleven, I was already drawing comics and creating animations with Macromedia Flash, and eventually I realized that this creative urge was not restricted to being my favorite hobbies, but also my professional fulfilment.

Current Project: Cooperative Education

Role: 3D Artist

3D Modeling
3D Animation
Texture Artist

Past Projects

  • Firecrest

  • CREWcial